Aashi Mahawar

Assistant Manager-Operations, Admin & HR
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New Delhi

About me

Talented Administrator & Efficient Operations Executive,
highly successful at
motivating teams and streamlining operations. Analytical
problem solver and
persuasive communicator with a talent for thinking
outside box for creative solutions.

Work Experience

Assistant Manager
Rhino Energy & Resources Pvt. Ltd. 2019-11-11 - Present Making payments for stock purchases and allocating the same to the customers as per their requirements. ■ Coordination with third-party developers for the development of the website. ■ Handling Whatsapp API for Marketing & Lead generation activities. ■ Formalized Company Policies and Rules for efficient working of the company. ■ Stock Management & Planning and Tender Bidding for different coal procurements. ■ Managed workflow between staff, coordinating documents and creative material distribution. ■ Computerized office activities, maintained customer communications, and tracked records through delivery. ■ Aided colleagues, managers, and customers through regular communication and assistance. ■ Handling purchase & sales operations and liaison with different departments for an optimized delivery process ■ Managed team petty cash, purchase orders, and account transactions. ■ Employed outstanding communication and relationship-building abilities to lead by example by providing first class service


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelors 2019-07-07 - 2021-07-16


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Team work
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